Sunday, 30 November 2014

November was fantastic

November update

Total lost: 12.4 lbs

Stats:  Fat 75%  Carbs 5%  Protein 20%

1. ate a few more carbs early in November
2. by late November ate very few carbs, mostly meat, fish and eggs
3. mid-November added a 36 hr fast weekly
4. decided to keep my foods simple, no low carb replacements for frankenfoods
5. am feeling great
6. seems like metabolism is kicking up a notch as I'm jumping around doing stuff just to move
7. Inflammation has gone down (I can tell my the no-swelling in my feet as I slipped on my winter boots yesterday - my feet look normal again)
8. Did NOT cheat once this month, woo hoo

November was a fantastic month and I hope to duplicate this in December


  1. Great results, especially considering it is not a weight-lost-friendly time of the year!

    1. Thanks Galina. Holidays for me have never been about food so it doesn't affect me much.

    2. I was referring to cold temperatures and a short day time. Many testify weight loss is much easier in June.

    3. oh, sorry Galina, I misunderstood. With everyone complaining about getting through Thanksgiving and Christmas without cheating or going off plan that's what I thought you meant.

    4. I should be more clear. I loved how I felt after a duck + fermented vegetables Thanksgiving meal - very satisfied and not heavy and bloated. It is like I know the trick to beat the system, according to which you should suffer and get immobilized after indulgences.

  2. Yes - November for you was F A N T A S T I C, and I'm sure December will be to.

    Great to hear Horf and a super weight loss too.

    All the best Jan