Friday, 21 December 2012

Feeling Scroogie

Christmas is coming up and I feel Scroogie but not in a monetary sense. There is no holiday feeling mentally and emotionally.

Went to see my pulminary specialist yesterday and hadn't realized that my last appointment with him was 5 years ago. They did a lung function test and there was no change. This is a positive thing as I'm 5 years older and 5 years more decrepid but lung function is the same. Think positive I always say.

Also got a paper to proof read over the next week so I'll be busy. Went for lunch with a friend. Keeping busy and trying not to let the despair in. Only 11 more holiday days but I don't fee rested.

I haven't kept track of how many ends of the world dates I have lived through but the first one I remember was in the late 60's. I was living in Vancouver and decided to walk along the beach when the time came. I'm still here almost 45 years later and also survived the one this morning. People's arrogance thinking they can predict the end of the world is amusing.

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