Monday, 28 January 2013

Glucosamine Experience

Reading up on the Cooling Inflammation site, I decided to take the supplements Dr. Ayers recommends. Bought top of the line glucosamine and vitamin C on Saturday. Took both Saturday night before going to bed and again Sunday at around dinner time. After dinner I started itching something awful. It was almost unbearable. Went to the bathroom and noticed my skin around my neck was beet red. Took off my house dress and noticed hives and red skin everywhere. Took a couple of antihistamines immediately. By about 10 am this morning almost all the redness and rash were gone.

Soooooooooo, maybe it's the shellfish? The sulfate? The Vitamin C (I doubt that)? Maybe I should try the synthetic version of glucosamine? And I didn't even take the 750 mg Dr. Ayers recommended. I got the 500 mg size. Maybe it was the red cooking wine I used when making my beef stew? Who the hell knows? I took the Vitamin C today with no problems. I'll try the stew tomorrow. If that doesn't cause problems, then it's the glucosamine.

I was reading up on the Warrior Diet. I'll have to get the book from the library. When I dropped 50 lbs 2 years ago, I was fasting for 18 hours each day and only eating in a 6 hour window. The warrior diet seems to fit into that scenario and I can get my coffee in during the day. I'll see where that gets me.

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