Friday, 11 January 2013

Knowledge is great but experience greater

I am constantly seeking new knowledge as to how things work, why, when, how, where, etc. However, certain things I happen to know are true due to my experiences, especially when it comes to diet. That's why I've stopped reading a number of blogs where "youngsters (those under 60)" start babbling about "safe" starches.

Take for example the holidays, which also happen to include my birthday. Lot's of going out and celebrating and a perceived license to "cheat." If starches, in moderation, were safe (at my age) I would not have put on almost 10 lbs because they definitely were in moderation. A bit of rice there, a little bit of potato there and voila, 10 lbs. No starches in one day, I'm down 2 lbs quickly.

So it is true that what happens to work for "some" definitely does't work for "others." Basically, I have to do a bare bones, an almost all animal products type of diet to lose weight. I can get by low-carbing, (veggies, berries, full fat yogurt, fish, meat, eggs, cheese) to improve my health markers but to actually lose weight it's animal products mostly, with no vegetation and definitely no starches.

I can eat animal products and not count calories and still lose weight. I can drink heavy whipping cream and still lose weight without hunger even at my age as long as I stick to animal products. There's where Woo is right. Keep the calories higher so your body doesn't think it's starving and give it nutrient-dense nourishment (what could be more nutrient dense than animals) and you'll lose weight. Show me one vegetable or fruit ounce for ounce that can beat a pork chop or beef liver or eggs in nutrients. Don't even ask me if steamed rice contains any nutrients or even taste. No thanks, I think I'll pass.

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