Saturday, 16 February 2013

At my age, it's about health

What I keep forgetting is that no matter how much or little weight I lose, as long as I'm eating clean low carb my lipids and blood pressure are great and I feel great. Whatever mickey mouse doctor I have at the time drops their jaw at my lipid results because "fat person" and "perfect lipids" just don't jive. The obsession with weight loss seems to cast everything else aside and we tend to forget how great we feel.

How many times have we given up because weight loss has been low to non-existent? It seems like a good excuse at the time but we need to consider how we feel and how healthy we are. Perhaps if we regain that great feeling and stop obsessing about the amount of weight we lost we may be able to continue. How many times have I heard, "Low carb just doesn't work for me?" Really?

When I was doing the low fat thing, it took me a whole year to lose 17 lbs. Sure it was progress of a sort weight-wise but my deteriorating health as in arthritic pain, increased depression and and constant migraines made me reconsider this way of eating.

So taking pressure off myself a tad, initially I'm going to just eat good stuff that I'm allowed to eat, as much as I want, and not worry about calories, weight or anything else. At my age, health is what really matters.

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