Thursday, 22 May 2014

Gluten Sensitivity

All this talk of how "real" diagnosed celiacs feel about us "gluten sensitive" people trying to share their limelight when they should be the only ones being taken seriously, and how all the food manufacturers' doing damage control funding "mickey mouse" studies proving there is no such thing as a gluten sensitivity has got me fuming.

How do I know gluten sensitivity is an issue for me? Well I'm a logical person and have always tried to test things out for myself. I can eat a bushel of wheat/rye/etc and my stomach won't issue even the slightest sign of protest. Neither will my intestines. They will just continue on their merry and happy way as if nothing untoward happened. However, within 12 hours of ingesting wheat/rye/etc, all of the following occur:
  • swollen ankles
  • headache
  • joint pain, especially left knee and right hip
Within a day or two of eliminating gluten, all symptoms disappear. I have tested this theory several times and it works every time. Of course, it's just my imagination.


  1. I tested this on my n=1 self, too. Back and forth and back and forth, mainly because I just couldn't believe it. For me, some of the symptoms start within minutes, others within hours, but I don't really know how long all the symptoms linger. I haven't completely recovered from gluten yet. I don't get it either. You have my permission to share my limelight now and for all time.

  2. I' ve attended a few conferences where actual Celiac disease researchers report on the phenomena that many people exhibit the symptoms yet test in the negative range. These people will eventually sero-convert later. They are termed Latent CD sufferers. You may be one of them.
    Best of luck, Lauren

  3. What, do some celiacs think we're tarnishing their brand? You'd think they'd be happy that with a bigger market for gluten-free food, the stuff actually tastes really good now. It tasted like cardboard back in the 90s.

    1. You are right Lori, however most of those gluten free foods still spike blood sugar and people wonder why they are still sick and unable to lose weight. At least that's what happens to me.

    2. "I have tested this theory several times and it works every time"

      That's all you need.


      Just wish the gluten-free foods were not priced higher than other 'conventional' foods.

      Greed on the companies or what?

      Take Care

      All the best Jan

    3. I think we don't need to buy special and expensive gluten-free products. There are substitutes already without that particular industry. My son is eating a GF diet, so it is a rice noodles for him instead of a pasta, also almond cookies and cheesecakes for special occasions, buckwheat pancakes sometimes as a treat.

  4. It's almost like, "My Celiac symptoms can beat up your Honor Student" at work here. The sooner that wheat is declared a poison, the easier it will be for everyone.

  5. We can only wish but I don't think it will happen in my lifetime. When I see the chaos around me in the world, I'm wondering how much of that violence is due to depression and mental instability that is caused by the diet that is recommended: low fat, high sugar, high carb, high "healthy" whole grains. The young adults now that are shooting up/stabbing up crowds of people are those that were raised on these "conventional" diets, and it's getting worse. Those poor brains have not been getting any fat since they were born. But that's just my theory.