Saturday, 7 June 2014

Weird Logic

My sister has been lamenting over the health of her friend who also happens to be a co-worker making it difficult not to avoid her. Seems like the friendship as been souring for quite some time as her friend has been very irritating (bitchy, always complaining), very sick, very overweight. She has been assigned light duties at work under the recommendation of her doctor.

This friend is in her early 50's, very overweight, with all sorts of health issues including a heart condition.  My sister, who lost 70 lbs, has been trying to get her friend to lose weight for some time. Here's where the weird logic comes in. Instead of her friend asking my sister how she lost so much weight, she doesn't think it will apply to her. She actually told my sister that she's fat because she has heart disease. Instead of blaming her diet (and weight) she blames the heart disease. She's told my sister that a diet won't help.

It's very hard to understand the reasoning. Either she's very stupid or she's in denial or both. What I can't understand is how someone who is so obviously dying at a very young age would not want to do something about it. Kind of reminds me of Jimmy Moore's brother, who would have had Jimmy as an example yet continued on a suicidal path.


  1. Maybe she thinks she's overweight because she can't exercise. Hurray for doctors, researchers and the media telling people that they're fat and sick because they don't get off their butts enough.

    But I agree--not sure what she has to lose if she's dying.

    1. Yes Lori, doctors and others are definitely not giving their patients any hope if they think that exercise is the answer and their equally brain-washed patients believe it. It's sad.

    2. she has "backup" in what she WANTS to believe from the medical industry -- sad and appalling!

  2. We all need to see a reason to live. Without that, why bother. There is two part to that, a reason, and secondly, seeing the reason, before we can start trudging down the long and winding road toward recovery. So which is missing?

  3. So sad ..... and she is not the only person who has "weird logic".

    We can only do what we can do and what others allow us to do ......

    All the best Jan