Wednesday, 13 March 2013

A Joe Barley Mystery

I have discovered a new Canadian author that I felt it my duty to comment upon.:

Title of book: The Kidnapping of Rosie Dawn, A Joe Barley Mystery
Author: Eric Wright, former Professor, Chair of English Department and Dean of Arts
Main character: Joe Barley, English Language Arts Sessional Instructor and Part-time Detective (to supplement his meagre Sessional Instructor pay)
Joe Barley's live-in girlfriend Carole:  Loves to read and works her entire life, career and social life around her reading and how it relates to her reading (sounds a lot like me)
Joe's militant sessional-instructor activist colleague: Richard

Not to mention that the work is short and extremely funny. You don't have to work in academia to love this book. I am now reading two of his other books and he's written many.


  1. Hi, just found you....not even sure where (you know, you follow one person's blog roll, to another, to another...

    Interesting approach! I'm becoming a follower of Mark's primal approach, and doing quite well. Now starting to obsess about organic, too.

  2. Hi Gwen:
    I'm very casual about blogging and it's a place where I can rant if I want to. I have a great bunch of blog links to the right and Mark is one of my favorites.