Saturday, 23 March 2013

I'm so happy and lucky

Guess what I've been craving lately? Not wheat, not sugar, not pizza, not lasagna, not cookies or donuts. I've been craving steak!!!! The problem for me is that I don't have the proper equipment for grilling a proper steak and cooking steak at home is always a disaster. I've spent money on different types of grills, the Nu-wave, George Foreman's, some other brand, and they just don't do the trick for me and I can't tolerate the smell of beef cooking. I need to go out for steak. Unfortunately, trying to find a place that has a good steak and where I don't have to put up my car as collateral for a loan so I can afford this good steak, I'm at a loss to figure out how to proceed. I'm also trying out different restaurants here in town and we do have a Brazilian here which I have yet to check out. I keep hoping I'll find a reasonably priced place that serve a good steak without bankrupting me.

No suggestions please about grilling on the balcony. It's minus 15 degrees outside and there's snow out there as well. I don't want to restrict my steak eating to only a few months in the summer :P


  1. OK Horf this may help you. I cook steak at home and I don’t mind the smell, but I can’t stand flying fat going all over the kitchen. Cleaning up after tends to ruin the experience. I cook it this way. I found a frying pan with a tight fitting lid. I heat a little butter and until almost catching fire. In goes the steak always fillet. Two minutes or so later I open the frying pan turn the steak and close the lid. Minimal mess and smell. Hope this helps.

    Kind regards Eddie

  2. You can get a good steak for $10-$12 or so here in So. CA. Not great, not huge, but certainly enough to satisfy the craving! Do you have Outback there? There's isn't bad. They have some more expensive, but I think you can get out the door for $20 or so (iced tea included...)

  3. Closing a lid on a skillet will cause juices to escape! I think the cardboard ring made with stapler could help in the limiting that splatter. I use a cast iron skillet(heated till the drop of water is jumping), most of the time I don't put a fat on the skillet(so less splatter), meat is marinated for couple days, patted dry before cooking, 3 min on one side, 3 on another, put stake for a rest for 10 minutes before eating (cover it with something). It is very helpful to get a cooking thermometer and make sure you meat reached the perfect degree of donnes. I recommend to start with 130F (55 C).

  4. Got a broiler? Let me know the thickness of your steak and I'll look up cooking instructions in my old Better Homes & Gardens cookbook. It's never steered me wrong.