Tuesday, 19 March 2013

So, let me get this straight!

A whole lot of nastiness going on in the bloggersphere. My thoughts are:

I blog about diet and authors and books. Since those are important to me, I can say whatever I want on my blog. People can agree or disagree that is also their choice. Also, bear in mind that English is not my first language.

My blog list remains as it is until I find someone I enjoy reading and feel I can gain insight, entertainment and knowledge to my own life from reading their blogs. I have also been known to remove people whose opinions have changed and I no longer feel they have something to contribute to my knowledge or they are going against my values or opinions (S.G. and K.H. to name a few). They are still free to say anything they want on their blog, I just don't go there anymore.

I don't like podcasts so if you do podcasts exclusively it's not that I don't like what you are saying I just don't have you on my blog list.

All this business is starting to get out of hand somewhat like religion which is something I never discuss. However my son adopted a new religion and he tried several times to enlighten me until I told him that I was happy that he found something that made him as happy as I felt with my beliefs. I'm an agnostic leaning towards atheism. That seemed to work and he hasn't touched upon the subject since.

If certain bloggers are going out of their way to harrass others by email or on other's blogs, then it should be made public/known in a dignified fashion even if it is to just say "Fuck Off, " then leave it at that. Stooping to their level by dragging it out does not endear me to anyone using these tactics.

Personally, I don't mind a "wee" bit of drama but it's over the top now.

For those who want to be grammatically correct, Ukraine is a country. It's not "the" Ukraine. It's just Ukraine.

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  1. It would seem that those of us who still automatically refer to Ukraine with the definite article preceding it, are either

    1. too old to learn new tricks
    2. too lazy to learn new tricks
    3. unaware that 'the Ukraine' was the official shorthand for the former Soviet republic. Since independance, the country had ditched the definite article. Ukraine means 'borderland' and used to be the USSR's 'borderland.' Now, of course, they're not.

    I never knew. Neither did some of you. I do now. So now will some of you. I'll try and remember this.


    Geoff J