Friday, 31 May 2013

Diabetes and Cancer in Canada

Just noticed this article on CBC this morning regarding the sky-rocketing increase in diabetes in Chinese Canadians.

"Diabetes incidence rose 15-fold between 1996-2005 among Canadians of Chinese origin despite lower levels of obesity."

So, the advice we are given?

"Dr. Jan Hux stressed the appropriate action is to pursue a healthy diet that includes whole grains rather than refined grains, eat lots of fruits and vegetables and control portion sizes."

Of course, why didn't I think of that?

Another article recently published is that Liver Cancer in Canada has tripled in men and women since the 1970's. Is that when we really actively started the healthy lifestyle, seed oils instead of saturated fat, lower meat consumption, more healthy whole grains, more sugar, more carbs, more exercise? Blaming it exclusively on Hep B or C or whatever shows they haven't a clue.


  1. :: shakes head at 'conventional medical wisdom' ::

  2. and where the liver is concerned, fructose = alcohol (i'd rather have the latter).


    1. I'm extremely fortunate that I've never liked the taste of alcohol or soda.

    2. you ARE fortunate -- there are very few foods and drinks whose tastes i don't like.

  3. Hi Horf
    An interesting read and linked articles.
    So called modern living does nobody any favours. We need to eat more wisely become aware of the increase in hidden sugars in our foods etc. Of course many are becoming increasingly aware but more needs to be done and more importantly the individual has to take responsibility.
    Just my thoughts

    All the best Jan