Monday, 12 August 2013

6 Saturdays and a Sunday

Haven't been blogging much because I really don't have anything to blog about and yet much is happening. In essence, just don't feel like writing.

A while back I wrote a post called "only 599 days until retirement." Well that changed as they were trying to get rid of people where I work due to budgetary constraints and offered me a voluntary early retirement severance package. So now I'm officially retired 1 year and 5 months early and they are paying me for the next 43 weeks of retirement enjoyment. I'm still in shock as this happened relatively quickly but I was certainly ready for it.

August 10th was the beginning of my new and carefree life. I think I've spent 50% of the time since then in my jammies, taken several naps and took up a snack that was one of my favorites when I was a kid (and for those who know me, really isn't a surprise): raw garlic. The vehicle for my raw garlic as a child was rye bread, so I started searching for something I could use that was lc friendly. Then I just ate it raw without anything and that worked well. L love garlic so two cloves is not a big deal.

The second thing I wanted to do was dye my hair purple and couldn't find a dye that colour in my cursory inspection when I went shopping. I'll keep at it. Other interests to pursue are a walking regimen and getting my health back. No temptations here at home, eating when truly hungry (maybe twice a day) and more time for cooking healthier meals is another plus.

There is so much to do, however the first few months I will just rest and think about those endless possibilities. My new week is now composed of 6 saturdays and a sunday, lol. I certainly don't need to plan anything if I don't want to.