Saturday, 30 May 2015

My new retired life

My move went pretty smoothy. I'm now living on a beach on Vancouver Island and I'm not even rich. The fresh breeze coming off the water is amazing and my breathing is already improving.

I've started a walking regimen and a tan. Haven't had a tan in about 35 years and I'm not lying on a beach to get one. Walking and looking after my flowers or sitting outside reading is doing it.

I created a little patio with two patio chairs, table and patio mat where it's shady and perfect when it gets too hot outside. My apartment is tiny but extremely bright.

Yesterday I sat on a bench looking out over the beach and smelled the wild roses next to me and burst into tears, I was so happy. On my morning walk today I picked a few wild strawberries along the highway.

I'm back on track after being on the road for 4 days transporting my cats with my sister's help but she needs to eat too often, so now that she's heading for home I'm back to eating once a day.

The food here is so fresh I'd almost forgotten how that tasted. Rebuilding my health in retirement is the plan.