Sunday, 30 November 2014

November was fantastic

November update

Total lost: 12.4 lbs

Stats:  Fat 75%  Carbs 5%  Protein 20%

1. ate a few more carbs early in November
2. by late November ate very few carbs, mostly meat, fish and eggs
3. mid-November added a 36 hr fast weekly
4. decided to keep my foods simple, no low carb replacements for frankenfoods
5. am feeling great
6. seems like metabolism is kicking up a notch as I'm jumping around doing stuff just to move
7. Inflammation has gone down (I can tell my the no-swelling in my feet as I slipped on my winter boots yesterday - my feet look normal again)
8. Did NOT cheat once this month, woo hoo

November was a fantastic month and I hope to duplicate this in December

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Lifelong search

Low-carbing has given me back my health. No longer plagued with migraines, depression, arthritis, high cholesterol, bloating, inflammation and other health issues, I am extremely grateful to have found this WOE. However, at my age and metabolic condition, low-carbing has been unsuccessful in contributing to weight loss and loss of cravings.

SO..., I've gone back to meat, fish, eggs, a daily coffee with cream and an occasional onion. Started on November 1st and all my cravings have vanished, I eat once or twice a day and have lost 5 lbs. The edema in my feet has vanished and I have been able to put on my winter boots with no problems so I can shovel the tons of snow off my car and take it out for a spin before my auto mechanic gives me shit for letting it sit during cold weather.

This diet needs to be tweeked by everyone because everyone is different. I found that I can't tolerate whey protein and coconut oil so I've switched to real meat/fish and butter and lard. I can tolerate my one cup of coffee a day with cream. Right now I've got a beef stew in the crock pot with 1/4 onion and no other veggies.

Hopefully, this can be sustained until I lose all the weight I need to lose. When that happens, I can then decide if I want to go low-carb. But for now, it's mostly meat and eggs.