Monday, 23 September 2013

Dr. Kendrick is spot on again

Dr. Malcolm Kendrick's blog is a favorite of mine and he is spot on again in this article which reminded me, once again, why I avoid doctors of any kind.

Well I have to see my Pulminary Specialist whenever he realizes that I haven't been in to see him for over 5 years, lmao, as was the case last December. In the last ten years I have gone to a doctor (twice) only to have my bloodwork done and it's come back stellar, whatever that means. Not bad for a 63 year old who is still overweight. I prefer to treat myself with diet and although I haven't completely lost all the weight I would like, I have eliminated almost all my health issues. Usually, I don't care what my cholesterol is, what my blood pressure is, or anything else. These numbers have been assigned by people I don't know and who may or may not be qualified to do so. Am I a skeptic? You bet your ass. Above all else, I do not trust any of the medications that are peddled by drug companies and doctors who have been brainwashed to prescribe them. Same goes for nutritionists and dieticians, who peddle garbage information.

My retirement is proceeding well and the time is flying by more quickly than when I was working and it's surprising me. I prefer to just play it by ear and mood and yet I'm never bored. What I am catching up on is sleep, usually around 10 hours a day, but it seems I need it. My diet is easier to follow as I eat only when hungry instead of at predetermined times, so it's usually only twice daily. There are no forbidden foods at home to tempt me which helps.

As an example of damage that doctors can do is exemplified by my friend who is now a drug addict. A perfectly normal individual who trusts her doctor, 70 years of age, taking statins, blood pressure meds, anti-depressants, pain killers, diuretics and those are the ones I know about. She tried to reduce her pain killers and ended up in hospital with severe withdrawals. Death by doctor will be the real cause of death and the tragedy is I can't say anything.