Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Something is missing!

I've just finished ordering four books via the internet: "Death by Food Pyramid" by Denise Minger, "Cholesterol Clarity" by Jimmy Moore and Eric Westman, "Deep Nutrition" by Catherine Shanahan and "Challenging Beliefs: Memoirs of a Career" by Tim Noakes. Waiting impatiently for these.

However, I'm really missing Gary Taubes. Alright, I'll admit it, I have a horrific crush on Gary and I can't seem to find him anywhere on the web recently. No blog articles, no references to him, no appearances, no news articles. Probably doing research through the new organization he's involved in. Sigh. Hopefully, something will turn up soon.

I've been watching some Tim Noakes lectures recently and can't get over how wonderful his appearances are. He's as giddy as a schoolboy sometimes which reflects on how great he's feeling with his dietary regimen. Here is one I just watched which is great.

Oh, and, something that I've noticed recently is that under comments or questions on blogs or on videos, people keep asking the same stupid questions about "Blood Type" diets. People, give it a rest already. There is nothing scientific about blood type diets. I'm blood type A positive. All of me is blood type A positive. Supposedly, I can eat carbs and happily be a vegetarian, NOT! I cannot tolerate carbs and my stint at vegetarianism (for 1 year) resulted in horrible health issues. Yes, I've been tested several times and I'm still type A positive. Nothing has changed and I still can't tolerate carbs and cannot be a happy vegetarian. The happiest I've ever been is on an all meat (and egg) diet.

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Do not eat anything with a face debate

Just finished watching the debate with Neal Barnard, somebody Bauer, Cris Masterjohn and Joel Salatin and have one question that I would have asked Neal Barnard in his opening statement.

He stated that he was raised on his farm where his father and grandfather ate meat, potatoes and corn and/or peas daily. He then stated that his father and/or grandfather died at age 65 of heart disease or cancer, whatever it's not important.  He blamed the meat. Now I would have asked "oh, he ate an all meat diet? That's why you're blaming the meat?" Well his father could have been eating corn oil, crisco, drinking beer/whiskey, eating tons of bread/potatoes, corn muffins, whatever. But it's the meat that killed him at age 65. Ok, so where is the logic in this?

That's what I keep hearing over and over again. Meat kills. So are all these people who are dropping like flies eating meat exclusively? Or are they eating tons of other bad stuff with the meat? And why is the meat taking the fall for all their ills?

And yet, people look at Neal Barnard like he's a saint and gobble up every word he utters. Give me a fricken break.

Ok, rant over.