Sunday, 31 August 2014

August Update

I actually made it through August with only 1 little cheat which is great for me. Monthly stats are as follows:

Fat 73%
Carbs 9% (including fiber)
Protein 18%

Average of about 30 carbs  and 1600 cals daily

Checked urine with ketone strips and definitely in ketosis.

Dropped 5 lbs. Don't you love being an overweight, older women when it comes to weight loss? If I was a young lad I would have lost at least 25 lbs.

Found seasonings for beef and pork that do not contain wheat or msg and enhance the taste of the meat, which had been a problem for me in the past. How ironic, I can eat liver by the ton with no problem but the smell of cooking beef turns me off. No more.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Propaganda against meat

Read this on BBC online today:

Why is it people lie so much? They talk about being a carnivore so they increase their meat intake and continue to eat buns, bread, etc with it. Then they write a piece for the BBC.

A carnivore is an entity that eats meat/fish/eggs/animals exclusively with a blade of grass here and there just for the fun of it.

I emailed the author asking him how he could have made those statements without actually being a carnivore. Let's see what the response will be if any.

I was a carnivore for 6 months once until I fell off the wagon. Those 6 months were the best in my life and I'm striving to get back to feeling as good as I did and I'm almost there.