Sunday, 31 August 2014

August Update

I actually made it through August with only 1 little cheat which is great for me. Monthly stats are as follows:

Fat 73%
Carbs 9% (including fiber)
Protein 18%

Average of about 30 carbs  and 1600 cals daily

Checked urine with ketone strips and definitely in ketosis.

Dropped 5 lbs. Don't you love being an overweight, older women when it comes to weight loss? If I was a young lad I would have lost at least 25 lbs.

Found seasonings for beef and pork that do not contain wheat or msg and enhance the taste of the meat, which had been a problem for me in the past. How ironic, I can eat liver by the ton with no problem but the smell of cooking beef turns me off. No more.


  1. it's good to hear from your part of the world, Ms. H! :-)

  2. Thanks Tess! Don't know why I even started a blog as I usually don't have much to say. Hopefully I'll just log my journey back to good health.

  3. Hi Horf - great to hear your good news, well done.

    Thanks too for joining our new low carb diabetic forum - both you being there and your comments are appreciated. It's also great to exchange news, views, ideas.

    Take Care and .....

    All the best Jan

  4. Grats, Horf! You're an inspiration for sure. Hope the seasonings work out.