Sunday, 8 March 2015

Doctor Stupidity

My sister went to her doc for a checkup and blood work. She's been losing weight on a low-carb diet and has lost about 90 lbs. He wouldn't give her most of her lab results except the cholesterol numbers which were:

Total cholesterol: 7.26 (281)
Trigs: .96 (85)
HDL 1.95 (75)
LDL 4.87 (188)

Besides the slighly high Total her trigs and HDL are fantastic and her LDL isn't bad either. Guess what the doctor did? He gave her a prescripton for Lipitor which she has no intention of taking. What an ass.

But let's say you are less informed that she is? You'd start down the road of prescription drugs which would make you sicker and sicker.

Friday, 6 March 2015

The actual purpose of this blog

I don't post much because this blog is only useful to me for the blog list you see to the right where all my favorite and infinitely more intelligent bloggers are listed. This is how I keep track of their latest entries.

As to me, I'm just an ordinary senior citizen that has been on a 10 year long quest to find what works for me health and diet wise. I have discovered and experimented with many, many things during this time and finally told myself that it's time to put into practice what I have learned. So far by doing a fairly low carb diet and eliminating most of my illnesses and health issues I have not reached an ideal weight.

Now I'm going to do an all meat, some eggs, some dairy, and a bit of coffee and I'll just tell everyone I am allergic to all veggies, fruits and grains. This is actually true as I am allergic to salicylates, fructose and grains. This is a self-diagnosis but since I've become allergic to doctors some 20 years ago and doing much better without them, and since this applies to me, this is a correct diagnosis.

(please bear in mind that English is not my first language)

I was doing very well doing IF and ketogenic until early February when a friend of mine from out of town came to stay with me for a week (she eats carbs and several times a day and we were going out for lunch and dinners with her relatives). By mid February when she left I was somewhat off my diet and it took me two weeks to rein in the cravings but I'm not blaming her. Starting at the end of February I went with my all meat diet and have lost about 7 lbs of weight that I'd gained (water mostly). So that's where I stand at the moment. I am naming this diet the AB diet, AB standing for animal-based since it's not actually zero carb or all-meat.