Saturday, 9 February 2013

Memories of how great I felt

Reading the latest Woo articles here, got me thinking about something very important to me personally, well not for the first time but this particular time I feel like commenting in my space. I will quote the part where she says:

When one has spent large chunks of their life feeling poorly for whatever reason, it's quite easy to meditate upon the simple pleasure of being alive, happy and healthy; the strength in your body, how it radiates glorious heat, so on.  I can sit in my car in 30 degree weather and keep the windows down and the sun roof down, my breath can fog the air and I feel warm. My body is a fortress. This is because I eat, I eat a lot of dirty hedonistic gluttonous calories. I no longer weigh myself. I eat if I'm hungry. The only dietary rule I have is to alway elect at least a mildly ketogenic diet. I've never felt better.
Two years ago I lost 50 lbs doing an all meat ketogenic diet. From 245+ lbs to 195 lbs. This was monumental at 60 years of age where it was so difficult for me to lose weight for over a decade. I had lost some weight earlier just doing Atkins, but all meat worked perfectly for me with a lot more success. I've since regained all that weight but still remember how I felt. The difficulty has been to do it again, but I've been working on it.

My experience was exactly like Woo's and I wasn't even at my ideal weight. Heat and sunlight didn't bother me, I didn't need sunglasses, I slept well, nothing hurt, no migraines, I felt euphoric all the time, happy, energetic. I ate once a day usually. No cravings.

I know what happened to make me fall off the wagon which I have not been able to securely get back on. Food allergies are my nemesis and even though I was on a meat only diet I made the mistake of making beanless  all meat chili. The chili powder and spices were the culprits. Plus my lack of willpower to immediately get back on track after. But I'm still working on it and thinking about how great I felt, being reminded is helping.


  1. What you have done before you can do again. Lowcarbing works and keeps on working, after a while it becomes second nature. Take your time and make it a way of life, not a diet.

    Good luck and health.


  2. feeling great makes the "privation" worthwhile, doesn't it? :-) you may have a nightshade sensitivity, like me -- last year i made a stew with like 6 different kinds in it, and my body SCREAMED....

  3. Thanks for the positive comments. I was born with allergies and as first born my mother was at wit's end to figure out what to do with me. The next two were a piece of cake with no allergies whatsoever. What I need to do is a strict elimination diet first. Then gradually add stuff without it derailing me.