Friday, 22 February 2013

There's not enough starch in the potatoes

A bit late posting this but went out for breakfast with Sis last Sunday. Was asking the waitress if they put flour in their scrambled eggs. She asked if I was celiac. I said yes for simplicity sake. She responded that I better not have the hash browns because they were dusted with flour. DUSTED WITH FLOUR. OMG. It's probably because there isn't enough starch in potatoes already. So if you are a typical, naive, breakfaster, you're getting your sugars and starches in your omelets, toast, jam, hash browns, etc. Hey why don't we just eat bowlfuls of sugar? But when you talk to people you hear them saying, "I hardly ever eat sugar." Oh yes you do, you just don't know it.

So when I now order breakfast, it's 3 poached eggs accompanied by 6 slices of bacon or steak :P Maybe a couple of slices of tomato if I feel daring.


  1. it's been one of those desk-head-bang weekends already and it's only half over.... i often order my breakfast eggs "over hard" if i don't have faith that REAL butter is coming with the poached ones.

    1. And even if the eggs are fried you don't know what oil they are using. Then there's the margarine instead of butter scenario. No wonder everyone is so sick.

  2. Talking of spuds.

    Regards Eddie

    1. lol what a fun site. With my upbringing, new and poor immigrant days, and racial background whose national cookbook could be called "1001 ways to prepare potatoes," mother would make:
      potatoe pancakes
      buckwheat and potato pie
      potato & sauerkraut pie
      potato dumplings
      potato cabbage rolls
      buckwheat & potato cabbage rolls
      boiled potatoes and milk soup
      potato and buckwheat casserole
      potato and onion casserole

      the list is endless. It's called creative poordom but at least it was home made and buttered with lard and butter, mostly lard.

  3. “With my upbringing, new and poor immigrant days”

    Nothing wrong with starting out poor, most of us start that way, and many of us finish that way. We come into the world with nothing and we leave the world with the same. Most material things are junk, and oh how hard do we work to get more junk. I had to become very ill to understand this.

    "The culture and civilization of the White man are essentially material; his measure of success is, "How much property have I acquired for myself?" The culture of the Red man is fundamentally spiritual; his measure of success is, "How much service have I rendered to my people?"  Ernest Thompson Seton

    Many years ago, and when a young man, I read a book by the actor Sterling Hayden called the Wanderer. It had a profound effect on me then, and to this day . A passage from this great book.

    “So it is no wonder that the mass of people regard the wanderer as a cross between a romantic vagabond and an irresponsible semi-ne’er-do-well who can’t-or won’t-fit in. Which is not to say that those who are fated to stay at home and toe the line do not look at the wanderer with envy and, yes, even awe, for he is doing what they would like to be doing, and something tells them they will never do it unless they either “strike it rich” or retire -and once retirement rolls around, chances are it will be too late. They know that too.

    This would seem to mean that the whole thing is largely a matter of luck, with which I would be the first to agree, having been blessed with good fortune through most of my working life. But I would be remiss if I didn’t add that if you want to wander, you’re going to have to work at it and give up the one thing that most non-wanderers prize so highly-the illusion of security. 

    I say “illusion” because the most “secure” people I’ve encountered are, when you come right down to it, the least secure once they have been removed from job and home and bank account. While those unfortunate enough to be locked into some despised and unrewarding job are even worse off. And if I have been favoured with good luck all down the years, I can also quickly single out scores of men and women spread around this beleaguered old world who, without “luck”, have managed to live lives of freedom and adventure (that curious word) beyond the wildest dreams of the stay-at-homes who, when fresh out of school, opted for that great destroyer of men’s souls, security.”

    In my opinion a truly great book, and the way I try to live my life. I have often failed but I try.
    ISBN 978-1-57409-048-2

    Kind regards Eddie